Medicine Garden

From Ames and the Medicine Garden
Preparing the ground for planting

Preparing the ground for planting

Third Sunday of the month 2-4 ( Do ring to check first!)

Spring 2017 from Ames Dadachanji
We will be gathering nettles and cleavers, tending garden and drinking herb tea!
Finally, some warmth, some sun and some daffs opening their fanfare trumpets to welcome spring…. Stroud Community Medicine Garden NEEDS you! and your forks, spades, wellies and hands!
This year we are going to get a regular thing going on… We’d like the medicine garden to be loved and tended every 3RD SUNDAY of the month at 2-4pm. This regular slot will give us time to see what’s going on, and get the garden sorted. We will also be learning about medicines, how to make medicines and hopefully find some slots where we can make medicines together – it would probably mean in the later spring/summer we would have longer sessions to enable us to make balms and teas etc.
We have some fantastic news – The Radical Herb Gathering Herbal Aid fund has donated a very lovely £200 to the medicine garden project. We are hopin to use some of this to get some supplies for the existing garden and medicine making and hopefully have a little left over to start a new project in Gloucester – but we haven’t quite sorted out exactly how, when and where….


If anyone would like to support this project please let us know! We could ask these things of you:
1. Come along and make merry!
2. Set up a gofundme or crowdfunder page for donations
3. donate into a small pot from which we can get supplies
4. bring compost for seed planting – last year we took a lot of seeds so needing to get them in now!
5. any seedling trays etc. would be useful
6. spread the word!
We’d like at some point to have some kind of celebration of the medicine garden – perhaps when it is more finished or on a special day…. any thoughts welcome.
Really hoping to evolve and grow this project with YOU!
Contact Ames at wildapothecary
or email
The Wild Apothecary is the herbal medicine clinic of Medical Herbalist, Amy Dadachanji MNIMH, in Frampton-on-Severn, Gloucestershire, serving Stroud, Nailsworth, Gloucester, Cheltenham, the Forest of Dean and Bristol.
 If you can’t come on Sundays do come by another time and help out at a time to suit you.  Just text or call Kesty 07854169961