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Women's Circle

Women’s Circle

Welcome to the Hearth House

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Monthly New Moon at Red Hearth

Moon Daughters 

Ceremonies for Women & Girls

Website for Red Hearth House  6 June to 29 June 2016

See also Buqi Earth Energy Healing

About Kesty



Kesty Jakes is an artist, healer and guide with over twenty five year’s experience of facilitating and initiating sacred circles. Kesty holds ceremonies in nature to mark the turning of the year and rites of passage.  She leads women’s and girl’s circles. Kesty founded Gloucestershire’s first red tent – The Red Hearth House a month retreat for women in June each year.  See Red Hearth House Herstory and Red Tent Directory

“…we did it together. It is natural for us all to be included, and that is an outcome of ceremony. A blessing on your courage in making it happen.”    Josie

Training and some of my teachers

Circles – I am passionate about the power of meeting in circles and have practiced Ancient Council with Pippa Bondy.  Participating in circles has given me such a rich and deep understanding of myself and others.

Ritual – I studied with Margaret Kennnedy and took part in 10 day Ceremonies following the Sumerian legend, the Descent of Inanna.

Dreams – are a constant guide and source of wisdom to me.  I am grateful to the training in Dreamwork skills I was given with Maggie Peters.

Drama Therapy inspired me to help set up Stroud Playback Theatre Company which ran for eight years.

Community building – I am a trained teacher with Co-Counselling International.

Taijiwuxigong & Buqi Healing – My daily practice.  I have studied with Pog Eng San and Dr Shen.

Forest School – I have recently completed Leadership Training Level Three.




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