Women’s Circles


Tuesday Mornings Weekly 10.00-12.00 

Please arrive 9.50 am for a prompt start.

An Open drop in Women’s Circle – All women warmly welcome to join

New women are always welcome!

The Circle will be held jointly in rotation by women in the community and co-ordinated by Emily Sandercock 07974197761

Neesa 07837403854 Rebecca 07854176795 and Satu  07792687085

The circle welcomes all women, whether you are new or have participated regularly here before.  Together we create a safe container to share and listen to one another, weaving in songs, silence, time in nature and a cuppa!  We continue to grow the beautiful feminine energy from the Red Hearth women’s retreat in June.  A Kindling Sister will be present each meeting to support. (see below for more information)
Pay what you can afford £7/£10. Concessions and energy exchange available, please speak to Kesty.  Once we have built up some funds we would like to offer bursary spaces to women who wouldn’t normally be able to come along. Once costs are covered donations will also be made to a nominated charity.

For Circle principles see below: Vision and Overview

Women's Circle

We can never be sure what will be in our hearts to share until we sit in circle.  A profound practice of deep listening.  It is medicine for your soul to speak and be heard. It is an honour, and healing for other women to witness always.

We will also share songs and silence, in a safe confidential space agreed by attending women.

This open Circle has been evolving since the Red Hearth 2015, creating a weekly sanctuary for women to share deeply.  A time for singing, sharing and ritual. Women in all stages of life are welcomed, thus creating a rich community of women sharing their lives and wisdom with each other.

Contact and more information

Please Contact Emily Sandercock for more information 07974197761. Or if you need directions.

Kindling Sisters

You can be a Kindling Sister in return for a free place, if you have been part of the circle and can come a little earlier to light the fire and prepare the space and stay a little after to tidy the yurt.  Contact Emily 07974197761


Red Tent Retreat time and space for women
If you would like to stay on after the Circle on Tuesdays you would be most welcome.  We ask for a donation towards the firewood or work exchange in the woods.
Also a reminder that the yurt on our land can be booked and is available most of the time for women to take time out.  Contact Kesty for more information.
01453 766519/07854169961.

Vision and Overview

A weekly open circle held by local women to witness and share from the heart.

The Circle is held by Circle Holders and Kindling Sisters who attend regularly.

The Circle is organised in 8 week cycles ending with an open review meeting to which all participating women are invited.

Emily is responsible for Circle Holders rota. The Holders are Neesa, Rebecca and Satu. Circle holders pay £7 currently to attend.  Emily also organises the Kindling Sisters in exchange for a free place at the Circles (See below more information.)

Venue is paid from income, which is split 50/50 with Circle Holders, up to max of £20 per session. Any proceeds go to bursary fund for women.

If participating women have any feedback, complaints please contact Emily or one of the Circle holders

Notes to Circle Holders

Intention of each circle

To create a safe confidential Circle for women to share.

To introduce silence and a song or two in each two hour session

Time for sharing, time for tea, time in nature.

New women are given information how it works, where to wee etc.

Acknowledgement after each women’s sharing of either thank you, ho or a sound

Ask women to take responsibility for asking for what they want, e.g. a hug or decline the offer of a hug!

Awareness of length of sharing versus women present.

Start 10.00 and finish at 12.00 promptly.

Notes to Kindling Women

Exchange for a free place

Arrive 9.30am to set up space/tidy and wash cups with hot water in flask afterwards at sink at back of house

Responsible for lighting fire

Filling flask hot water

Creating a seasonal centre with nitelights ready

From the box take tissues, smudge and talking stone and return afterwards.

Check in with Circle holder before smudging and lighting candles

Collect money and record in book kept in box. Take money collected and float to house.

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