A Brief History of Sladebank Woods

The woodland we manage is an area of 4.7 acres of mixed secondary woodland and grassland. We bought the wood in 2000 and our aim is to increase its diversity and create a resilient, sustainable and productive woodland for the future.

The woods were grazed by cattle up until about 1960. Plans had been drawn up for 30 houses on stilts. A Tree Preservation Order was made by Stroud District Council to cover the whole site. We have a management plan for Sladebank Woods approved by Stroud District Council. Much of the work is carried out by a group of local people who meet monthly in exchange for firewood.

One of our first projects was with local people in partnership with Stroud Town Council helped to clear the lower part of the site of rubbish in 2002. Stroud Town Council and the district council have lopped some big trees on the boundary to make them safe and this has let a lot of light in to the woods.

Stroud Valleys Project, a local conservation charity, provided 500 trees through the Big Tree Plant Fund, and Stroud Save the Trees funded a good part of our new orchard which includes ponds and beehives.

We hope that you enjoy your visit.

While visiting the woods, there are some things to be aware of:
– There are signs around the woods giving information and guidance.
– Please keep dogs on leads and pick up after them. There is a poo bin in the Recreation Ground (play park) on Summer Crescent.
– Rubbish has been dumped in the woods over the years and much of it has been cleared. If you see something that needs picking up, please leave it where it is and let us know.
– We have made every effort to ensure that the woods are safe and enjoyable to walk in. Please let us know if you spot anything that could be improved, and please take care of yourself and others as you move around the woods.
– If you wish to wander off the paths please ask.

We welcome any comments or suggestions. Please feel free to let us know in person if you’re attending an event, or contact us:
Email: hello@sladebankwoods.org.uk
Telephone: 01453 766519