Aims & Objectives


We aim to manage this beautiful woodland, which comprises a mixture of ancient semi natural and secondary woodland and some grassland, to find a good balance of uses with an emphasis on education and conservation, within the terms of the Tree Preservation Order (TPO). This will encompass managing the site in a sustainable way for the future, generating a small income and hopefully some grant aid. This will help fund management operations and increase biodiversity, accessibility and amenities.


      • To create a manageable survey system for the site as a whole. We will be using tags to number the trees and the list of species from Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust as the basis for the survey.
      • To grow from seeds or cuttings indigenous species of wild flowers, plants, shrubs and trees on site to increase stocks of particular species to maximise the diversity for the benefit of wildlife.

      • To maintain levels and diversity of invertebrates and fungi by retention and creation of dead standing timber and creating a number of habitat piles.

      • To broadly maintain the existing proportions of woodland and grassland on the site as a whole.

      • To work towards clearing the site of accumulated rubbish through clearance, and by engaging with the local community to discourage further rubbish.

      • To continue to build good relationships with our woodland neighbours.

      • To provide educational opportunities through Forest School activities and woodland open days.

      • To offer a range of woodland events to engage local community involvement.