Buqi Healing


Sessions offered here in the woods, roundhouse or our sunroom depending on the season and weather.

Your Earth Your Body

Helping to balance physical, energetic and emotional systems for health and well-being.

Working with posture and energy flow in the body

When our vital energy is blocked the body and mind also become stuck-and when our body is under strain the energy stagnates.

We will be working with Buqi (pronouced boo-chee, simply meaning to give energy) an ancient healing system founded by the late Dr Shen Hongxun, Buqi Institute  This includes the practice of exercises (Taijiwuxigong-tie chee woo she goong) which help to realign the body and expel negative factors, which then facilitate mental and emotional balance, bringing harmony in all aspects of life.

About the Healing Sessions

The client will rest fully clothed, either seated, standing or lying down during a treatment and Kesty will work with different techniques, either from a distance or use light touch to expell energy blockages.  Kesty will then teach simple exercises to strenghen the body and immune system.

Kesty Jakes has studied with Dr Shen Hongxun and Poh Eng San who runs weekly Taijiwuxigong and Taiji 37 classes in Stroud (pohengsoundbuqi@yahoo.co.uk) Kesty is a qualified Buqi practictioner and has studied this system for eleven years.  She is commmitted to her own daily practice.

“I am fascinated how our bodies teach us ways to heal if we give them the chance.  Doing the Taijiwuxigong exercises regularly has helped me enormously over the years and brings me into balance.”

£30 for an hour, concessions available.

Tel: 01453 766519

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