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Explore the woods

At Sladebank Woods, we are passionate about creating opportunities so that everyone can spend time in nature and learn new skills. We invite you to read about our ongoing projects and groups, and very much look forward to welcoming you.  Sign up for our regular newsletter to keep updated of current events and opportunities.

Explore at your own pace


The public part of the woods are open seven days a week to anyone who would like to spend time in nature, whether this is your first time in woodland or if you regularly seek out open places. Directions and a map are on the Find Us page.


Find out more about the events we run at Sladebank Woods here.

Ongoing groups

We host a number of ongoing groups: a monthly Wood Group who helps to manage the woodland in return for firewood to use at home; a Men’s Grou;, the Moon Daughter Circles, who support mothers and girls approaching puberty and later the Moon Daughters are invited to form their own closed circles; as well the Wolf and Storm sisters. Currently, they are all at full capacity, but please contact us if you would like information or to be added to the waiting list.

Projects and activities

In the last 25 years of caring for Sladebank Woods, we have hosted a large variety of activities and projects. You can visit this page for a historical timeline, or learn more about ongoing projects here.

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Let's stay in touch

Subscribe to our newsletter