Getting creative during lockdown

At the start of 2020 we knew we needed an updated website to sing the unique song of Sladebank Woods to our community near and far. In true Sladebank Woods style, we found that local talent popped up at just the right moment to help us make this happen. We’ve been working with facilitator Naomi Wilkinson, communications specialist Sue Flook, and website designer Colin Froggatt.

Community connections are central to us, and we’d like to mention here how we met the team. Colin booked into our Soulful Sauna one evening and soon after joined the men’s group, Naomi was searching for a location for a retreat and spent time in our yurt, and Sue – mattock in hand – helped clear the ground for saplings during the Big Tree Plant.

Naomi used the cutting-edge change management method Theory U to take us on a deep dive into Sladebank Woods’ past and present. Theory U resonates with us as it considers whole systems change and takes into account all stakeholders, including marginalised voices, the Earth and the ‘emerging future’, to inform the direction of change.

Before the lockdown we had fun using the embodiment techniques of Theory U as well as very large pieces of paper, multicoloured pens and Post-its, and enjoyed being fuelled by homemade cake.

While the nation was socially distancing, real-life meetings were replaced with Zoom interactions, and Sue and Colin transformed our sticky note dream into this website. We hope we it sings to you.

Colin, Naomi and Sue are now part of the wider Sladebank Woods family and continue to be involved. Colin is working on an ongoing digital mapping project with Martin which will help with woodland management now and in the years to come, Naomi is developing online resources so that people can access the woods if they’re not able to visit, and Sue is providing communications guidance.

Martin and Kesty