Stroud Valleys Project

The aim of Stroud Valleys Project (SVP) is to protect and enhance the local environment by working with local communities to embrace sustainable development and biodiversity, and so to make Stroud and its surrounding area a better, healthier place in which to live for both present and future generations.

At Sladebank Woods, we have worked together with SVP primarily to plant around 500 trees supplied through the Big Tree Plant Fund. The mix of trees has helped to significantly increase the diversity of our woodland species.

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT) works throughout the county to provide wildlife knowledge and expertise, from ecological consultancy to wildlife advice. The Trust works towards introducing and inspiring more people about nature, through running over 100 wild events each year and educating over 3,000 school age children.

At Sladebank Woods, we have embarked on a survey process supported by GWT, coupled with management advice. We should shortly be able to be designated as a GWT Key Wildlife Site with a little more work.

Stroud Town Council

Stroud Town Council (STC) came into being in 1990, after pressure from local residents for a greater say in how their town is run. The town council has 18 town councillors, all of whom serve on an entirely voluntary basis.

At Sladebank Woods, we have been very well supported by STC. We were actively consulted as part of the tree condition survey for the older trees that border the woods. We are very pleased that the pollarded trees will be left as ‘monoliths’ which will add to the bio diversity of the whole area.

Stroud District Council

The whole of the Sladebank Woods site is covered by a Tree Preservation Order. We have a rolling Management Plan that is agreed with the SDC Tree Officer. He has been hugely supportive down the years in helping advise on management techniques and questions from neighbours. Recently we have worked with SDC on pollarded trees on our woodland edge, also left as monoliths as with the others.

British Trust for Conservaton Volunteers is a charity, initiating projects to facilitate people to care for their local environment.

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