Management Planning

Sladebank Woods is 4.7 acres of mixed secondary woodland. It was a field of cows until 1960.

The whole of Sladebank Woods is covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) which frames the management planning. We need permission from Stroud District Council to carry out any management works within the framework of the TPO. The felling and replanting programme is overseen by the Forestry Commission, who grant a Felling License for a given period.

To help us manage the woodland it is divided into four compartments. These are referred to in the management plan, which broadly relate to the different habitats within the woodland. The management works are carried out by a mixture of outside professionals, Martin and Kesty, and significantly through the monthly wood fuel exchange group.

For further information and to view supporting documentation, please view

Management Planning Documentation

Tree Preservation Order

Felling License

Change of Use