Red Hearth

Red Hearth House, at Sladebank Woods, Stroud, Retreat in woodland, home to women and girls circles

Red Hearth House set in woodland , Stroud

Women celebrate the opening of the Red hearth House each year

The Red Hearth House sanctuary took place for nine years here in Sladebank Woods.  It was a special time each summer for women to gather together or spend time in solitude. At present there are no plans for it continue.  See below photos and more information about the Red Hearth House and how it came into being.

Women link together. Red Hearth ribbon wrist bands

Here are some other offerings………..

  • Spend time here in the woodland on a personal retreat for as little or as much time as you wish, whenever it suits you.  Book our yurt!

Yurt retreat Sladebank Woods Stroud

“As I think back to my stay in your yurt, my heart swells and my whole body relaxes with the memory of that precious retreat time. Three days living that close to the land, even in the depths of winter, was a great joy thanks to the space you have created there. I loved cosying in with the wood burner, and washing outside in the fresh air. The yurt feels private and remote, it’s easy to forget there are houses at the edges of your wild woods. Thank you for your generous hospitality and for respecting my request for personal space. I look forward to staying in the yurt again. Others who choose to do so will give themselves a great gift.” NZW

Welcome to the woods

Welcome to the woods









Working on the land – collecting kindling, watering, weeding, step repair and in the winter, pruning and tree planting. Ring to volunteer a time to suit you.

For more information ring Kesty 01453 766519/07854169961.

Kesty welcoming women and girls to Red Hearth House

Dreaming into being, the Red Hearth House

By Kesty Jakes

In the summer I like to sleep in our treehouse, and early one morning at full moon, the land called to me to create a sacred space for women in our community, especially during the time of their bleeding.  So began The Red Hearth House, open to all women and girls in all stages of their lives.

Shrine at Red Heath House

The Red Hearth House was situated in woodland on the outskirts of Stroud.  During the month of opening (usually June) women visited this peaceful sanctuary for as little or as much time as they could, to spend time in solitude or share the space with friends and family.

Many women have visited the Red Hearth House and taken part in the workshops and ceremonies, organised latterly by a group of women throughout the year.

Women attending the Red Hearth opening ceremony

In many parts of the world, different cultures honour and recognise the significance of the menstrual cycle on women’s health, spirituality and sexuality. I have been honouring my bleeding time for many years now and it has brought many gifts for me.  I would like other women to feel the benefit of this process of monthly listening.  Now I have moved into the menopause and the Red Hearth House is still a special space to take precious time to just be, listen and breathe with the earth.

Song words Carolyn Hillyer

Every month as menstruating women we have the capacity to be more inward, this can be a time of psychic openness and sensitivity.  If we take this time, through reflection and rest, our deepest dreams and desires for our lives can emerge.  When we are replenished we can then be ready, for a new cycle to begin in our daily lives towards healing and transformation.  After menopause this cyclical wisdom is carried deeper within ourselves.  The Red Hearth House is open to all women, whatever stage of life they are in.

Women at the Red Hearth House

Thank you to the many women in the community who encouraged me in this vision and supported The Red Hearth for nine years.  I am grateful for the enthusiastic response I have received.

Solstice Mandala

“I have been pregnant for so long,
it is time, to give birth to this dream
of creating a Red Hearth House.
A sacred place to bleed on this earth”

Red Hearth House, at Sladebank Woods, Stroud, Retreat in woodland, home to women and girls circles

Red Hearth House set in woodland , Stroud









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