Woodland Saunas

Soulful Sauna Shed

Soulful sauna shed

Soulful Saunas

Come and sweat and cleanse your mind, body and spirit in a rustic sauna, with rainwater splashes or fresh water hose!  It’s a great tonic for the body, invigorating the lymphatic system to clear toxins.

“The Woodland Sauna was everything me and my two friends needed. A private, peaceful and magical place where we could reconnect with ourselves and each other, as friends and women in a safe and sacred environment. We will be back!” A Summers

Booking information

You can book a sauna at anytime to suit you or a small group of up to 6 people.  You can have exclusive use of the space.

The sauna can be lit before you arrive and you will be shown how to keep the fire topped up.  You can decide whether to be naked or wear swimming gear.  We ask you bring a towel to sit on and one to dry yourself with when you have finished your sauna.  There is a covered area outside the shed where you can hang your clothes.  There is a hose with a fixed tap for cooling down, and drinking water is provided.  You may wish to bring a bottle to fill up with drinking water, although a jug and cups will be provided.

The sauna is available during the day and evenings for men and women, individuals and groups.  Saunas here are enjoyed by some regulars, for example three mums and their daughters (aged 10) every six weeks, and a small group of friends who come monthly.  There are some scheduled sessions which are advertised through our newsletter and also via emails to regular participants.

“So good to spend time with friends away from it all” Deb

If it is your first visit we suggest that you come during daylight hours so you can get your bearings, although there is a chain of lights to see your way out.  A torch is also advised to find that missing sock!

To create aroma you can bring your favourite oils or bring dried lavender to sprinkle on top of the burner.

Kesty has been introduced and inspired by Latvian-style saunas she has experienced at Sacred Arts Camp over the last three years. In the summer she uses herbs and foliage from native trees to brush and cleanse the body.

Rita from Latvia helping women prepare for sauna

Rita from Latvia helping women prepare for sauna

The saunas take place in the Soulful Sauna Shed, in woodland close to Stroud town centre.  The sauna is a short walk into woodland at the back of our house.

“It was so special to be there in the woods with the fire and the lights, especially at that time of day when the light is going down” Cathy

For two hours, the cost is £10 per person.
Minimum £30 for group bookings.
Maximum eight people.
Booking essential.

Would you like to gift yourself or someone else a very special and nourishing experience?

Book now!

Contact Kesty 01453 766519 or 07854 169961

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