Can you find our geocache?

Geocaching logo

We are very pleased to now have a geocache hidden within the woods. This is a physical box that can be located by signing up to the online geocache community, downloading the app to your phone and following the clues and the map until you find the hidden box. Once you’ve discovered the cache you can sign the logbook, write a message and even swap trinkets and/or travel bugs.

Geocaches are lots of fun and can be a great opportunity to make a walk in the woods more interesting. Since the cache was placed in April we have had over a dozen logged visitors, including new people, and have received some delightful comments. Our favourite is, “We hadn’t been to these woods before. Thanks for placing this cache and bringing us here. We also enjoyed the sound of birdsong everywhere.”

If you’re interested then download the Geocaching app or sign up at It’s completely free and there are geocaches hidden all over the world.