Heartscape bunting

Heartscape marks our 20 year anniversary

To help celebrate our 20 years at Sladebank Woods we’ve developed our latest project, Heartscape. We have woven natural threads through the land where friends of Sladebank Woods are invited to hang homemade bunting.

Geocaching logo

Can you find our geocache?

We are very pleased to now have a geocache hidden within the woods. This is a physical box that can be located by signing up to the online geocache community, downloading the app to your phone and following the clues and the map until you find the hidden box.

Dom Thomas with oyster mushrooms he grew on a sycamore stump in Sladebank Woods

Exploring Dom’s Mycological Research Station

In these strange times, we thought we’d start with a smile! Here’s Dom Thomas from Stroud’s Fungusloci project proudly showing oyster mushrooms that he grew on a sycamore stump in the woods as part of our Woodland Lab projects. Read on for the full story and to find out what’s happening in the fungi department right now.