Red Hearth House

The Red Hearth House sanctuary took place for nine years here in Sladebank Woods.  It was a special time each summer for women to gather together or spend time in solitude. At present there are no plans for it to continue.  See below photos and more information about the Red Hearth House and how it came into being.
Kesty outside the Red Hearth House
Kesty outside the Red Hearth House

During the month of opening (usually June) women visited this peaceful sanctuary for as little or as much time as they could, to spend time in solitude or share the space with friends and family. Many women visited the Red Hearth House and took part in the workshops and ceremonies, organised latterly by a group of women throughout the year.

In many parts of the world, different cultures honour and recognise the significance of the menstrual cycle on women’s health, spirituality and sexuality. Every month as menstruating women we have the capacity to be more inward, this can be a time of psychic openness and sensitivity. If we take this time, through reflection and rest, our deepest dreams and desires for our lives can emerge. When we are replenished we can then be ready for a new cycle to begin in our daily lives towards healing and transformation.  After menopause this cyclical wisdom is carried deeper within ourselves. The Red Hearth House was open to all women, whatever stage of life they were in.

The Red Hearth House was one of the first Red Tents in the UK and was listed in the Red Tent Directory. Red Tents have blossomed into a worldwide movement and our local Red Tent group is now called Stroud Sisterhood and can be found on Facebook. Women are welcome to spend time at Sladebank Woods to hold their own menstrual retreats.

Red Hearth House, at Sladebank Woods, Stroud, Retreat in woodland, home to women and girls circles