Growing heartfelt community in nature

Current events at Sladebank Woods

Half Term Forest School 25th/26th October

Buqi Healing with Kesty

Woodland Saunas

Earth Songs  with JJ Middleway.  Please check – dates can change

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Open Weekend – for the last three years we have held an Open Weekend in the Autumn. We have decided to take a break this year; we fully expect it to be back in 2019!

  • Big Tree Planting Posse
    Big Tree Planting Posse
  • Circle Time
    Circle Time
  • Forest Fun whatever the weather!
    Forest Fun whatever the weather!
  • Strike Fire
    Strike Fire
  • Fresh coppice
    Fresh coppice
  • Well earned break
    Well earned break
  • Kesty & Martin
    Kesty & Martin


Big Tree Plant 2014

A place to build and grow community in nature.

To promote the use of Sladebank Woods as a local community resource.
To provide people with a deeper experience and understanding of their relationship to the earth, themselves and each other.
To provide experiential opportunities for people to learn about woodlands.
To raise awareness of the educational and productive benefits of managed woodlands to the public.
To provide opportunities across all ages and abilities by organising a programme of activities throughout the year.
To develop outreach projects to further the aims of Sladebank Woods including Forest School programmes, school visits and Camps.

 500 Trees planted at Sladebank Woods

Many thanks to all our friends and neighbours who helped to plant trees donated by Stroud Valleys Project, as part of The Big Tree Plant over the last two years.

Identifying trees to plant

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